SOFT AND HARD BODY ARMOR, TACTICAL ARMOR, PLATES, SHIELDS, AND HELMETS -all from Safariland: Second Chance, American Body Armor, and Protech. Constructed of the highest quality ballistic fabrics, Safariland products are built to precise standards, achieving protection and comfort with unparalleled flexibility and exceptional ballistic protection.

See Massachusetts State Contract LAW14 for all ballistic products. Vendor code for All Sports Heroes is VC6000189332. View the outstanding recommendations on the contract or contact us for references for customer service, technical capabilities, and most important for the armorer - our sizing ability. We get it right the first time and have a proven track record for finding the right size to achieve officer protection with highest level of comfort for concealable and tactical body armor. We have females sizing female officers.

High performance, comfort, and quality - standards for both Safariland and All Sports Heroes. Let us help you work to ensure compliance with mandatory wear policies and qualify for BVP reimbursement by identifying innovative ballistic products at all price points and sizing your officer for increased mobility and comfort.

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We invite you to schedule a vest shoot (testing a ballistic panel selected for your Agency) at your range with live rounds. We will push the limits of the vest so that you can witness firsthand the performance and resulting safety provided for your officers.

TACTICAL PRODUCTS (NON-BALLISTIC) and HOLSTERS include Safariland, Hatch, Monadnock, Bianchi, Defense Technology, TCI (Tactical Command Systems), VertX, Under Armour, 5.11 Tactical, TruSpec, Bates, and more. Whether you're looking for holsters, riot gear, batons, OC, communication systems, tactical uniforms and outerwear, pouches - All Sports Heroes will be your one stop solution.