About Us

About Us

Company Experience


1996 – All Sports Promotions founded - Cynthia Kuenzler and husband, Police Officer, Michael J. Kuenzler


2001 – All Sports Promotions Inc filed as corporation – Qualify as a Small Business Entity


1996 – 2003

Developed capabilities and provide full service graphics department, screen printing, embroidery, engraving, sign printing and uniform program management


2003 – Heroes Uniforms & Supply founded by Cynthia Kuenzler and husband, former Police Officer, Michael J. Kuenzler – police, fire, EMS, other uniform and equipment retail store


Key law enforcement vendors now include Fechheimer, VertX, 5.11 Tactical, Bates, Spiewak, TruSpec, Under Armour, Blackinton, and Safariland


Safariland has several product lines for concealable, corrections, K-9, and tactical body armor, plus plates, shields, helmets and related products for personal protection – Second Chance, American Body Armor, Protech Tactical, Monadnock, Hatch, and more


2005 – Hired Barbara Normandin as General Manager with capabilities in lean manufacturing principles, retail, outside sales, work in military environment, production, and accounting


2009 - Combined entities to All Sports Heroes Uniforms, Sporting Goods & Promotions Inc.


2003 – 2013

Departmental conversions and ongoing support for ballistic products (tactical, correctional, concealable, shields, helmets), riot gear, as well as holsters, batons, and duty gear


Largest customers include Massachusetts State Police, NEMLEC SWAT, Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, Bridgewater DOC, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office, Cambridge Police, Springfield Police, Lowell Police, and Worcester Police (Gang Unit and Vice Unit), and many other Agencies


  • Factory trained for sizing and implementation of body armor programs

  • Scheduled and organized vest shoots for departmental evaluation of body armor performance

  • Assisted in development of Agency specifications (body armor and uniforms)

  • Aided departments in developing working knowledge of changes to NIJ testing information

  • Working knowledge of BVP program and providing documentation for submittals

  • State Contract positions for LAW14 (body armor), LAW09 (tactical products including holsters and duty gear), and CLT07 (uniform)


    Active customers include 150+ agencies and companies with uniform programs, services include patch designs, development and maintenance of uniform specs


    Largest single uniform undertaking was 430 officers with head-to-toe conversion – Class A and Class B uniforms, badges, outerwear, and footwear. This was a custom Class A uniform. The Class B included patches and embroidery and custom alterations. The work was delivered in 10 weeks – packaged by officer. We handled the distribution on customer site.

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